This is "my" first day of spring. I'm reasonably sure each year, that by April 15th, we've extinguished all chances of any more meaningful snowfall around these parts. It's not foolproof. Three years ago, there was plenty of snow on the ground as late as April 18th. But not this year. Aside from a light overnight dusting one night last month, we haven't had any appreciable snow since February. There have been days in the mid-20s Celsius (mid-to-high 70s Fahrenheit). I put out the deck furniture April 10th, a record for us in the 24 springs we've lived here. I enjoyed a shorts and t-shirt afternoon on that date and observed trees with plenty of buds showing -- and THAT'S something we don't usually get until May. Mind you, since last Saturday, it's been cold and wet and that's expected to last for a few weeks. But I'm pretty certain winter weather is gone for this season.