MOODY, Alabama -- HAPPY 150th CANADA DAY!!! Proudly wave your flags, Canada!!!

Yes, it's a bit odd to be spending my country's 150th birthday south of the border, but such is life. I'm slowly making my way back east and then north and expect to be back home by early next week. In addition to the four baseball games, I'll also conclude a bucket list item that will finish off a quest of visiting all SEC college football stadiums. I managed to make it to all Big-10 and Pac-12 football buildings in the past. I haven't seen games at them all and in some cases, couldn't get inside the stadiums, but after South Carolina, I will have visited them all in the SEC. And I will post new pages of those visits after I get home.

In the meantime, I celebrated my Canadiana by listening to CFL football via satellite radio during my drive last night. Short of munching on a donut and slurping a Tim's double-double while at the wheel, it was as good as I could do!