Labour Day. It was always the most melancholy day of the year in my school days. The late Jerry Lewis would be singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" to wrap up his telethon and I knew that in a few short hours, it was off to bed and my summer vacation was over. During my working years, Labour Day meant the unofficial end of summer, even though there are up to three weeks of it remaining on the calendar. But sunlight hours have diminished greatly by now, the first of the "ber" -- or "brrr" months -- has arrived and old man winter isn't very far away. The one great thing? Football swings into high gear!

Speaking of football, awhile back I mentioned that I was going to introduce some old-style scoreboard art on the game pages of this site, to honour a few of the old baseball palaces that are no longer standing. I've decided to expand that to football both NFL and NCAA, and while many of the college stadiums are still in use, their original scoreboards are not. So the boards depicted from places like Michigan ; Michigan State ; Nebraska ; and Miami hark back to an earlier time. Hope you enjoy them.