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A little about me:

I have retired after spending more than 40 years in the media -- all of it in Ontario, Canada -- and the final 25 and a half at The Canadian Press. I've tried to capture a little of what I've seen over the years.

I've rekindled my passion for this page. The blog has returned but I will only be posting periodically instead of (almost) daily. Gone is the picture of the week, replaced by a picture of the month -- "the best of" from late 2006 on. Archives for both the blog and pic of the month have returned and are featured on a single destination page, so you won't have to be Lewis or Clark to navigate. I'll still get to games on occasion.

You may also notice some now-demolished stadium or arena pictures are credited in black and white as "internet" while other former sports palaces aren't listed at all. The ones that get the "internet" credit feature places I actually attended but did not get an outside picture.

I've also implemented a new feature. I've introduced scoreboard art into many of the "games" pages on this site as I've attempted to recreate some of the old scoreboards that were operational in the history of the franchises involved. All other "games" pages feature a generic old-time scoreboard.

Just a friendly reminder -- images and logos are solely the property of the respective teams, leagues and organizations they represent and appear here only by way of their good graces.

So scroll to your heart's content -- and if you get lost, clicking on this square on every page's upper left will always get you back to the home page!


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